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See how Fondo scaled to onboard 5x more customers

Meera Kanani
2 min read

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Complex onboarding means humans have to be in the loop

Fondo was founded with the mission to make it easy for companies to manage their accounting needs. Through an all-in-one accounting software, Fondo saves startups time and money so they can focus on running their business.

But Fondo isn’t just software. In fact, their service is a great example of how a lot of software-enabled businesses are a blend of product and human workflows. It's also an example of how complex document and information exchange can result in weeks during onboarding.

Since using Bento, they’ve been able to scale their “human in the loop” approach by getting customers started quickly in-product, and supplementing with follow-ups and calls with the success team. 

Bento is embedded directly into Fondo's app and styled to look consistent with the rest of their brand.

Bringing on Bento to scale onboarding

Before Bento, every aspect of Fondo’s onboarding was manual. After a customer signed a contract, emails would be traded to set up calls, follow up on document exchange, and review progress. It was difficult for their internal success teams to keep track of client progress, and even harder for new clients to see the progress and track activity.

They hoped to build a native-looking, embedded onboarding process so customers could move at their own pace and success managers could have visibility into progress.

“With Bento, it was like we had skipped ahead and built our in-house solution.” 

Ahead of a key launch, Fondo turned to Bento so they could achieve this product experience without allocating limited engineering resources to building and maintaining. The easy integration coupled with the native customer experience saved Fondo 6 months of work and allowed for onboarding customers at scale, essential for their launch. 

Unblocking customers, unblocking growth

Since Bento replaced the need to build a native page for onboarding, customers are able to get started as soon as creating an account. Even more importantly, Bentos guides are customized based on the packages that each customer purchases through using Bento's branching capabilities and auto-launch targeting.

“While there will always be a human component to onboarding at Fondo, Bento 5x’d the number of customers we could onboard each month.”

David Phillips, Fondo’s CEO,  described his reaction to Bento as "pure happiness" because of the immediate impact. By removing the back-and-forth emailing from the team's workflows, and by allowing customers to get started even ahead of an onboarding call, Bento freed up their team’s time to focus on what they were best at – bookkeeping and managing taxes for their customers. The project to implement Bento effectively removed "onboarding" as the key bottleneck in their scaling efforts.

“We really could not do this without Bento. Our customers are completing their onboarding guides before we can even send kick-off emails!”

In addition to the value of the Bento product, Phillips also appreciated the collaboration from the Bento team. “They’re the best in the industry,” said Phillips, and the thought partnership from Bento on how to deliver the best customer onboarding has helped Fondo provide an even better experience for their customers. 


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