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No-code UX experimentation

Growth is fundamentally about trial and error

Bento allows you to effortlessly experiment to:

🎨 Find a form factor that resonates with your audience (tours vs checklists)

📣 Test messaging that drives action

📈 Quantify impact

Iterate on live guides

Update content in real time based on user feedback.

Run split tests in 5 clicks

Easily test different flows and understand impact on engagement.

Take action by customer

See step completion by customer, so CS & Sales can engage.


Take action on customer-level data

  • Trigger Slack notifications when customers choose a use-case
  • Track drop-offs by customer
  • Allow CS and Sales teams to see progress from their CRMs

Out-of-the-box split testing & analytics

  • Automatically run split tests based on company, not users.
  • In 5 minutes, set up a test of a 5 step checklist against an 8 step product tour.
  • Export data via integrations for deeper analysis.
headshot of Kaustubh from GoSite smiling at camera

"The biggest benefit of Bento is the ability to experiment very quickly. We don’t have the luxury to take a long time on each change."

Kaustubh Vongole
Product Manager, GoSite
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