Welcome to the easiest way to create onboarding and activation experiences.
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All the form factors you need for product activation

Responsive and fully customizable components

From onboarding checklists to flows

  • Onboarding components like checklists and slide-out sidebar guides
  • Activation components like modals, banners, tooltips and flows
  • Unique embeddable components like cards, carousels, and video galleries

Easily customizable and branded to feel native

  • Inherited styles like font family and sizes
  • Customize the look and feel of any component with in-app style options
  • Want even more customization control? Easily leverage custom CSS to create the perfect components

Start with our Figma template

  • Quickly and effortlessly iterate and recreate your ideal onboarding experience in Figma
  • When you’re ready, go live in Bento with a ~30min installation process that’s easy as can be for engineers
  • Learn more and grab the template here

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