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Deepen customer adoption

Personalize recommendations per account

  • Don't wait until your next QBR to impact adoption
  • Target users with tips and best practices based on their own progress
  • Drive users to take action - not just click through or watch

Automatically complete steps

Automatically complete steps when the user has taken the action.

Save for later

Let customers access feature announcements on their own terms

Tailor guides per account

Customize steps and even complete them on behalf of customers.


Promote best practices using dynamic values

  • Conditionally show tips based on metrics instead of manually sharing it with each account
  • You can even show users in-app what their account activity has been, leverage social proof to drive more action

Tooling for the full digital journey

  • The most user friendly builder experience in market, so you can get up and running in minutes
  • Flexible targeting rules so you can create nudges based on user behavior
  • Straight forward analytics and metrics that you can pull into your CS tool of choice

“I saw names of customers who I know aren’t typically very active, making progress across Bento experiences. They stayed and wanted to keep learning! That is really exciting.”

Paola Cordovez
Head of customer success, Recurrency
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