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Product activation

Go beyond adoption with real product activation

  • Promote features in the right place at the right time
  • Resonate with each user by tailoring language to their persona
  • Don’t worry about spamming your users – we handle the timing and prioritization

Build without engineers

Deploy and iterate fast with our no code activation builder

Design without designers

Plug-in your style guide and get native look and feel

Analyze without analysts

Test and learn quickly with deep out-of-the-box analytics


No more disruptive pop-ups and product "band-aids"

  • No need to disrupt user workflows to get their attention
  • Create in-product activation flows that feel native and are delivered in context
  • Experiment to ensure your users feel seen and heard

Test it all: form factors, triggers, and content

  • Embed help inline, offer page-specific help, and have dynamic flows
  • Tailor messaging by user group to see what works best
  • Trigger dynamic best practices throughout your product based on customer values

"Bento's UX is just way easier and far more deeply integrated with our own product UI. In order to nudge users towards product adoption, the nudge has to be high quality."

Patrick Neeman
VP of User Experience, Evisort
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