New user onboarding

Checklists: Because getting to aha takes longer than 20 seconds

In B2B SaaS, onboarding isn’t about getting a user to click “next” 10 times.

The most effective user onboarding paints a clear path of how to get to value, and allows the user to choose their own adventure.


Dynamically update guides based on user selections.

Choose your own adventure

When "role" isn't enough to tell you why a user has logged in.

Automatically complete steps

Automatically complete steps when the user has taken the action.

Bento's data explorer that shows the attributes and events that can be used for targeting or step completion.

Engage users and drive action

  • Target user segments based on data attributes and previous user-actions.
  • Allow users to pick up where they left off.
  • Capture progress and celebrate momentum.

You could build it slowly, or you could explore rapidly

  • Library of design styles and layouts inspired by the best onboarding examples.
  • Swap out components and styles and test what works best.
  • Create native-feeling experiences that don't require upkeep.
Image of Bento's header components and visual tags as an example of design customization.
Headshot of Growth PM Donnie Wang smiling at the camera

"Other in-app experiences look like they're 3rd party. Bento's inline guide looks like something we would have built ourselves, down to the fonts, sizes, colors and even details like the checkmarks."

Donnie Wang
Growth Product Manager, Courier
Explore: Bento’s onboarding components are available in Figma

*not a typo

Figma Onboarding Components from Bento - Add personalized onboarding & activation to your product | Product Hunt