Welcome to the easiest way to create onboarding and activation experiences.
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Unlock PLG onboarding

Jumpstart PLG by offering a self-serve onboarding path

📄 Move from the "getting started" doc to a dynamic in-product experience.

✅ Enable users to get through the basics on their own and track their progress

✨ Do more than explain what – have the room to expand and iterate on why

Checklists and dynamic cards embedded into the in-app home of a software product


Dynamically update guides based on user selections.

Choose your own adventure

When "role" isn't enough to tell you why a user has logged in.

Automatically complete steps

Automatically complete steps when the user has taken the action.

No-code branching logic allow PMs to build personalized journeys

Personalize onboarding based on job to be done

  • Create personalized journeys based on user-opt-in or prior data capture
  • Reward user-actions with real-time feedback and progress
  • Natively integrated UX means users can pick up where they left off across sessions

Starting the PLG journey requires easy iteration and data integrations

  • Widest library of UX examples informed by best practices.
  • Automatically notify CS or Sales teammates of progress, so they can still assist
  • Integrate activity data into your analytics tool of choice with native integrations
Easily integrate Bento activity and data into your ecosystem of tools
Headshot of Growth PM Donnie Wang smiling at the camera

"Other in-app experiences look like they're 3rd party. Bento's inline guide looks like something we would have built ourselves, down to the fonts, sizes, colors and even details like the checkmarks."

Donnie Wang
Growth Product Manager, Courier
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