Welcome to the easiest way to create onboarding and activation experiences.
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The single platform to activate and retain customers
Bento powers in-product digital experiences across the customer lifecycle
Your self serve co-pilot
Drive faster PLG experimentation with BentoAI  - no need to wait on engineering
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Jumpstart self-serve initiatives for:

Execute your experimentation roadmap

  • Personalized onboarding flows
  • Upsell experiences
  • Testing account-level conversion
  • Pull data directly into your data stack

Increase product adoption with:

  • Contextual help where and when users need it
  • Action tracking so you know when a step is completed
  • AI guide builder that creates an optimized guide in minutes
Customer Success

Scale adoption workflows with:

  • Notifications and CRM integrations
  • Content tailored by account
  • Inline checklists and resources that keep your users in-product

Ship your onboarding designs in days with:

  • Automatically inherited styles plus full customization
  • Library of components: checklists to pop-ups to carousels
  • Built-in best practices to ensure you (and others) design with quality
Everboard* customers through the entire lifecycle
enable customers to get value and learn how to use a product beyond initial setup or first user onboarding

Why Bento is different

Built to elevate customer journeys, drive activation & expand revenue.

Best practices at your fingertips

BentoAI proposes higher converting content
Automatically build guides from recorded clicks, docs and videos saving hours
BentoAI suggests segmentation rules for safer launching
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Test campaigns that drive revenue

Bento is the only solution that allows you to easily run account-level experiments
Personalize beyond the data you have – allow users to opt into use-case based activation
Split test experiments by account, not just by user
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Don’t just overlay – improve the effectiveness of your product UI

Bento components are seamlessly integrated into your UI to drive product success
Inject cards, checklists, inspiration galleries and flows into pages and even modify what’s already there
Show to 100% of users – even those with ad blockers
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Add inline checklists and cards that look native →

Build flows in minutes with BentoAI
Customize the look and feel across your components, effortlessly
Embed natively in any page within your app
See how components work in Bento →
"This app does not waste my time with font import and setup. I can customize everything to make it match my Figma and don’t have to publish to preview. With this, I can concentrate on content, targeting, and enhancing my growth experiments and strategy.”
Polly Lee, Product Designer

Control exactly who sees what and when →

Create targeted experiences based on user attributes, names and actions
Connect data you already have in other tools
Control the priority of what users see so they’re not overwhelmed
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“You only get one shot at a good first impression. Bento has given us this with onboarding content oriented in a way that’s specific to the user’s situation. We’re giving people the sense that they’re not on their own but being guided.”
Sam Dehart, Scaled Success

Make live changes as you learn →

Update guides in real time
Test various form factors to see what resonates
Set up a split test in 5 clicks
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“Bento makes it easy to iterate until you're satisfied. Via normal development, the same iterations would have taken weeks instead of hours. Instead, the Bento platform enabled our dev team to work on other projects.”
Alastair Wilkes, Sr. Director of Product

See actual step completion →

Learn whether the most critical actions are being taken by ICP customers
Understand guide-progress based on user branching selection
Download or export data into your data stack
See how components work in Bento →
“With little configuration, Bento lets us deploy onboarding guides and tips that keep customers learning without leaving the product. Bento’s analytics let us track how customers interact with the guides, which we then tie to our KPIs.”
Eric Prugh, GM Developer Platform

Move the business metrics your CEO cares about

Reduced self-serve time-to-activation by 30%
Ironclad leveraged Bento to power a self-serve onboarding experience that resulted in a 30% decrease in time to activation.
Doubled trial-to-activation rate after rapid iterations
Conveyor switched from a home-grown checklist to Bento, ran 30 iterations in a month, and saw a 2x increase in activation.
Attain 160% of upsell goals in one month
Workstream targeted potential customers with an upsell experience built with Bento, and hit 160% of their upsell goals.
BentoAI - Auto-create guides from existing articles and recordings | Product Hunt