Not onboarding, everboarding

Customer onboarding isn't one size-fits-all. The journey to activation and self-sufficiency should be tailored and relevant based on the customer’s needs.

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Guide customers from setup to their first aha

Keep customers in your product so they stay focused and make progress
Activate customers consistently and faster
Create templated journeys or dynamic flows based on user persona or use-case.
Go live with in-product onboarding in days, not weeks
Integrate with your own product dashboard with a single line of code.

Ask Engineering for an hour, not a sprint.
Iterate and adapt as your product changes
Bento’s guides don’t break when your UI changes.

Enable product teams to focus on core product

Bento empowers customer-facing teams to build and iterate on onboarding journeys
Build modules that map to key workflows
Easily assemble into different flows based on use-cases and personas.
Embed in your app natively as a full-page or as a sidebar.

“Our team was able to install Bento in <10 min and the fact I can flexibly design customer journeys shown in our own app is really empowering.”

Nate, Head of Customer Success at Courier

“The way we think about education has entirely changed. It no longer works to put people in classrooms and expect them to engage – what Bento offers is the ability to create a clear path to value and bring guidance in context.”

Jonathan, VP Customer Success at Hubspot

"Bento has been a game-changer for us in reimagining our customer onboarding experience. The combined expertise and support from the team has been a significant value-add for our business.”

Rui, Co-founder at MedMe Health

"Bento is a no-brainer to save engineering hours spent on making wizards, guides, and onboarding flows. My engineers can focus on building new features, and I can focus on my user's onboarding experience."

Rob, Sr PM at Workstream
See it for yourself
We’ll show you just how easy it is to create, customize and bring “next steps” out of email, and into the product.