hey B2B SaaS:
swap your product tours for embedded everboarding*

Get 4x the engagement of pop-ups with embedded guides. Fewer onboarding calls without sacrificing quality.

*not a typo

See Bento

Don't let "kick off calls" be the gatekeeper to activation

Have the confidence to bring users into your product immediately and give them use-case specific journeys.

Your checklist will be 50% complete by the time that first call happens.

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Go live with in-product
onboarding in days, not weeks

Integrate with a single line of code.
Ask Engineering for an hour, not a sprint.

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Design can set the location, and CS can iterate on content.

Bento guides are embedded in your product and replace empty states.

Our simple editor makes it easy for non-technical teammates to iterate on copy easily.

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How bento fits in

Your product can do the heavy lifting

Embedded product activation

Bento is embedded in your product so you can deliver the user onboarding and activation experience that your customers have always wanted.

Pop-up chat and guidance

When emails aren’t enough, these tools allow you to chat with customers in-app, or send pop-up marketing messages.

Customer success platform

Part CRM, part playbooks, these tools aggregate key customer data so your CSMs know who’s at risk and how best to reach out.

The best way to onboard customers
is scalable but flexible

Customer success

Tailor content and steps for those special customers

Growth & Product

Iterate rapidly: change layouts and content based on feedback


30 min to set up.
No maintenance as CSS changes

Keep your humans
in the loop

No more checking in on homework, or scrambling when customers are stalled. Bento tracks progress against real actions so you can get ahead of the curve.

“The expectations of getting to value quickly is higher now than ever. Without thoughtful and considered onboarding, there’s no chance of achieving that.”

Maggie — Director of Sales, Webflow

“I’ve gotten 15 hours back a week that I used to spend in 1-1 onboarding calls, but the biggest success is that our customers are getting to value faster.”

Sam — Implementation at Assembled

"Bento allows for us to use our customer-facing resources more efficiently, while still adding that personal touch to our onboarding and getting new users up-to-speed faster”

Cara — Manager of Customer Success at Amplemarket

Everything you need to start everboarding*
and increase revenue expansion in days.

See Bento

*Not a typo

Add self-serve 
 to your product
*not a typo
See Bento in action:
Used by teams at

“The design flexibility we get in setting up the embedded guide is fantastic.

I love that you can see it natively when you land, and that it transforms to follow you as a sidebar as you interact with the app.”

Sydney - Head of Design, Conveyor
All the form factors you could ever need
Rapidly test checklists, empty state cards and banners, tooltips and more
Automatically launch and complete
Complete steps using your own data, or our tracked events when the user takes the right action
Don't reinvent the checklist. Grab our template from Figma!
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Build, launch, and iterate

Product & design

Identify the 3-4 critical steps to activation. Test different form factors and designs.


Install Bento's JS snippet in ~30 min. Launch to staging. Optionally pass in data for richer targeting.

Customer success

Track customer progress via notifications and analytics. Iterate on language and content.

Faster customer onboarding

Ashby saved 12 hours a week per CSM when using Bento for scaled success

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Find product qualified leads

GoSite identifies PQLs based on Bento guide completion events

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Activate self-serve users

Users who interact with Conveyor’s guides activate twice as successfully

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"One underappreciated aspect of Bento is how easy it is to iterate until you're satisfied.

Via normal development, the same changes would have taken weeks instead of hours."

Alastair - Head of Product, Launchable

*not a typo

Figma Onboarding Components from Bento - Add personalized onboarding & activation to your product | Product Hunt