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Data in
Data out
Send data in and out of Bento from any tool in your tech stack

Why use this integration

Pass data from Bento into your tool of choice and vice versa. Enabling you to:

  • Identify PQLs amongst free trial users and help AEs target their outreach
  • Send marketing campaigns based on progress in the onboarding guides
  • Enable CSMs to track step completion so they know who needs more hands-on help

How to set up

In Zapier

  1. Login to Zapier and create a new Zap
  2. Decide if Bento data is the Trigger or Action
  3. If the Trigger, your Zap can pass Bento data into any tool and trigger various actions (email sequences, CRM updates, etc.)
  4. If an Action, you can pass data from other tools into Bento as attributes or events on the account of user level

In Bento

  1. Login and navigate to the integrations page
  2. Generate and copy your Zapier token to authenticate your account
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