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Flexible and powerful ways to target the right users

Take data across sources and use it to construct  powerful rules with the help of AI

Build rules easily with BentoAI

  • Describe who should get the guide (or not), and allow BentoAI to construct targeting rules based on the data you have
  • Flexible rule structure means you can get as precise as you want

Targeting rules ensure only the right users get your guide

  • When a user matches targeting rules, they’ll automatically get the guide. When they stop matching, their guide will disappear. Auto-magic.
  • Never worry about users getting the same guide twice
  • Add one-off customers or share guides via links to create even more flexibility

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Save and reuse audiences easily

  • Rules can be constructed on the fly, or saved as reusable audiences
  • Filter guides by audience to see who’s getting what

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