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Iterating and experimenting isn’t always about stat sig

Iterate quickly and effortlessly on live experiences, with easy-to-understand analytics

Growth is fundamentally about trial and error

Bento allows you to effortlessly experiment to:

🎨 Find a form factor that resonates with your audience (tours vs checklists)

📣 Test messaging that drives action

📈 Quantify impact

Take action on customer-level data

  • Trigger Slack notifications when customers choose a use-case
  • Track drop-offs by customer
  • Allow CS and Sales teams to see progress from their CRMs

Out-of-the-box split testing & analytics

  • Automatically run split tests based on company, not users.
  • In 5 minutes, set up a test of a 5 step checklist against an 8 step product tour.
  • Export data via integrations for deeper analysis.

"The biggest benefit of Bento is the ability to experiment very quickly. We don’t have the luxury to take a long time on each change."

Kaustubh Vongole
Product Manager, GoSite
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