Welcome to the easiest way to create onboarding and activation experiences.
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Easily control how in-app experiences are triggered

Build it once and launch it flexibly via automation, links and call-to-action buttons

Set and forget. Easily auto-launch based on audiences

  • The most popular way is to automatically launch guides to users who qualify
  • Bento is the only activation platform that supports user- and account-based guides. Perfect for collaborative onboarding and individual everboarding.

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Data only gets you so-far. Allow users to opt into their own paths

  • “Choose your own adventure” guides allow your users to determine which experiences they want
  • Build high level guides that can kick off deeper flows when users opt-in via click.

Share and launch experiences from links

  • Create a holistic activation experience. Launch a specific guide when users click on a link in email or shared through support chat
  • Or manually add a guide to specific accounts (like those who need a catch-up)

BentoAI - Auto-create guides from existing articles and recordings | Product Hunt