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Post implementation roll-out

Scale your champion

  • Go beyond a deck and enable your champion to personalize the roll out for their org.
  • Swap out generic assets for account-specific videos, tasks and language.
  • New users are promoted to take action, not just absorb material.

Account-level metrics

See which tasks a customer has completed (and who did it).

Iterate on live guides

Update content in real time based on user feedback.

Tailor guides per account

Customize steps and even complete them on behalf of customers.


Make each roll out relevant to that company's goals

  • Create flows and welcome experiences unique to each account, or
  • Create templates and adapt them per account, manually or with data
  • Track what users actually do in your product

Track user and account-level adoption

  • Tweak and tailor content, actions, and steps to improve adoption for new users joining
  • User level metrics per account that can be shared back with your champion
  • Create a holistic everboarding experience and not just one-off tours
Headshot of Fondo founder and CEO David Phillips smiling at the camera

"While there will always be a human component to onboarding at Fondo, Bento 5x'd the number of customers we could activate each month."

David Phillips
Founder and CEO, Fondo
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