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Scale customer onboarding

Don't make customers wait for a call to get started

  • Embed the checklist in-app to keep users coming to your app, not some other tool.
  • Make it easy for customers to take action directly, and track progress automatically.
  • Create a “multi-player” experience with account-checklists (not just user-checklists).
Bento's inline guides natively adapt to different layouts, fonts, and styles


Know when users make progress via Email and Slack notifications.

Account-level metrics

See which tasks a customer has completed (and who did it).

Tailor guides per account

Customize steps and even complete them on behalf of customers.

Look up any customer in Bento and modify their guide content, or complete steps on a customers' behalf.

Reduce time to activation

  • Allow customers to move at their own pace
  • Decrease implementation time by 25-50%
  • Identify key bottlenecks to keep iterating and refining the process

Integrate the in-product experience into your workflow

  • Create templates for different customer segments.
  • Track progress through notifications and CRM integrations.
  • Tailor next steps per account, and have it reflect immediately for all relevant users.
Branching allows Bento's guides to dynamically update based on user choices.
Jared Haynes at Ashby

"Bento allows me to scale myself and the team. Having this automated and set-up so users login and get help right away has saved at least 2 hours per SMB customer. Our customers experience it as part of the product."

Jared Haynes
Scaled Customer Success, Ashby
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