Welcome to BentoAI

Go from blank slate to 10x better activation in 5min*

*unless GPT runs faster

Create a checklist from your help article

You know that “getting started” article, or your CSM’s implementation checklist? Add in the URL and we’ll build a guide that works in-app.
Jump start your PLG onboarding →

Build a contextual guide from a video

How many Loom videos have you made about [insert feature]? Well, grab the transcript and we’ll build a contextual guide.
Drive product adoption at the right place, right time →

Generate a flow simply by recording your clicks

Click through your workflow, and allow us to build your tour. Yep, it’s ✨
Test the widest range of form-factors →


Our team has been working on AI-powered products for over 5 years. Here are some of the design principles that govern how we approach integrating AI into our products.

Privacy by design

It helps that we enable everboarding experiences to be designed and built. That’s generally low-risk content.

We also rely on OpenAI’s API data privacy which does not use input or output data for training.

Best practices built in

Not only did we train GPT to use Bento, we used best practices across hundreds of guides to train on building effective guides.

From tone, length, to calls to action, what you get back is the best starting point you’ll find.

The easiest editing experience in the market

AI isn’t meant to get you from 0 to done. So while our auto-generated guides and flows are pretty darn good, we’ve invested in building a super friendly editor.

You can tweak, bedazzle and modify your guides effortlessly before you launch.
BentoAI - Auto-create guides from existing articles and recordings | Product Hunt