Welcome to the easiest way to create onboarding and activation experiences.
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Product Led Growth

Your product can market and sell itself

  • Run cross-sell, up-sell, and churn reduction campaigns in-product
  • Tailor PLG motions by persona or user behavior
  • Integrate with your marketing and analytics stack to track success

Build without engineers

Deploy and iterate fast with our no code activation builder

Design without designers

Plug-in your style guide and get native look and feel

Analyze without analysts

Test and learn quickly with deep out-of-the-box analytics


Take the reins of product-led growth

  • Conveyor doubled product adoption with dynamic activation flows
  • Workstream achieved 160% of upsell pipeline goals with in-context messaging
  • Moz reduced cancellations by 500%

Integrates seamlessly with your marketing stack

  • Integrate CRM and app data to create segments without marketing ops
  • Trigger actions like custom flows during self-serve check-out
  • Keep your sales-assist teams in the loop with Slack and email notifications

"We were never meant to be a revenue-generating team but Bento let us create messages in-product, iterate on those messages, and drive meaningful outcomes."

Dakota Quibell
Scaled success, Workstream
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