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Workstream achieves 160% of upsell goals with Bento

Meera Kanani
2 min read

Why they bought Bento

Workstream provides HR solutions like applicant tracking and employee onboarding to businesses that employ hourly workers. Like many others, their customer success teams wear many hats, from customer onboarding, adoption to encouraging greater usage of their platform.

But their time, the company’s engineering bandwidth, and their users’ attention are all limited. Their original goal of buying Bento was to significantly decrease the amount of hand-held training time customers needed to successfully onboard. Early results showed a 50% decrease in customer onboarding time!

Since Bento was easy to use, and channels like email are oversaturated, Dakota Quibell, a Scale Customer Education Manager, got creative.

“Scaled success was never meant to be a revenue-generating team but Bento let us create messages in-product, iterate on those messages, and drive meaningful outcomes. We didn’t even realize the product was a suitable channel for marketing before Bento.” says Quibell

Unlocking upsell pipeline

When Workstream launched their latest product line: digital employee onboarding, they saw tremendous adoption. But not all customers who could benefit were even aware. 

So, Dakota and Kyle Lohmann [Manager, Growth & Scale] partnered to identify attributes that could signal an eligible customer

Setting up the audience for the guide via Bento's targeting logic

Getting the right data into Bento

  • The used LogicLoop to write SQL queries that assigned attributes to various accounts and users
  • These attributes were passed into Bento via Segment
  • Bento guides were launched based on these attributes ensuring the right people got the relevant experience 

Impact from Bento

Workstream's strategic implementation of Bento paid off significantly. Within just one month, they generated 60% more in sales pipeline as compared to their initial goal. The success of this in-product call to action demonstrated the effectiveness of Bento's targeted experiences.

By leveraging Bento's capabilities, Workstream not only surpassed their upsell target but also unlocked a valuable revenue stream while providing their customers with enhanced onboarding experiences. 

In fact, Workstream customers have appreciated that Bento-powered experiences enable them to do what they need to do rather than leaving them to explore aimlessly. They even refer to it in the NPS survey saying “I love the easy step-by-step checklist experience”. 

The combination of precise targeting, in-depth analytics, and a seamless user experience is the catalyst to Workstream’s early successes with Bento, and this is just the beginning!

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