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In-product marketing

In-product marketing is 5x more effective than your email sequence

  • Get 100% “open rates” for key messages
  • Engage users by linking them to the desired action
  • Deliver personalized experiences based on persona, user-behavior, or JTBD
Unread email inbox vs. effective in-product messaging

Build without engineers

Deploy and iterate fast with our no code activation builder

Design without designers

Plug-in your style guide and get native look and feel

Analyze without analysts

Test and learn quickly with deep out-of-the-box analytics

Easy to use Bento editor creates in-product messages, in minutes

Easily launch & test in-product marketing

  • Unblock yourself to build without designers & engineers
  • Create dynamic & inline experiences your users won’t dismiss
  • Make informed changes with out of the box analytics

Robust library of activation components

  • Marketers are free to experiment with content, visuals and CTAs
  • Launch activation campaigns right next to the related feature
  • Integrate with your CRM and app data to dynamically create user segments

"Bento is now top of mind whenever we are discussing GTM experiments. It has unlocked our product as an effective marketing channel."

Federico Engell
Customer lifecycle marketing manager, Moz
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