Welcome to the easiest way to create onboarding and activation experiences.
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Design your product activation experiences  with our Figma template

The widest range of components that augment your UI and not just bandaid it.

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Grab our Figma template!

Design in Figma

Don’t rebuild components, use ours!

Customize and iterate

Find inspiration and make it your own

Build and launch in Bento

Go live in days, not weeks

Recreate your onboarding inspiration in minutes

  • Meticulously crafted components, from onboarding checklists and tooltips to video galleries and carousels
  • Curated set of examples from both the wild and from our own customers to help you get inspired
  • Documentation on how to recreate using the components in the template

Effortlessly style and customize to your brand

  • Variants and properties for quick and simple customizations
  • Built on a set of colors, typography, and effects defined by custom styles
  • Modify these styles and properties to easily and effortlessly match your brand and vision

From Figma to live in production

  • Build and customize all the components just like you did in Figma, in Bento
  • ~30 min installation process that is easy as can be for your engineers
  • Out of the box features like detailed targeting, automatic launches, engagement tracking, and full customization and responsiveness (just like our Figma components)
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