Welcome to the easiest way to create onboarding and activation experiences.
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Boost trial conversion

Ditch the old UI bandaids for integrated user experience

Provide best practices and nudges without forcing users through pop-ups

✨ Natively embed marketing into empty states

💰 Dynamically show stats on usage to drive conversion

📣 Notify the sales-team on progress for a human-assist

Empty state “preview” of what it looks like to customize an empty state within Bento

No code builder

Embed compontents without needing an engineer

Design flexibility to look native

We dare you to find the Bento component on the page.

Analytics out of the box

Instantly know who’s upgraded and who’s dismissed

Bento empty state banner shown within a dashboard app; the banner is fully customized to look native within the app

Run the widest range of experiments

  • Test form factors across "messaging" like banners vs deeply integrated cards
  • Create a conversion split test at the account-level
  • Integrate experiment data into your product analytics tool of choice

Set up once, and iterate without constraint

1. Single Javascript snippet to install. Numerous integrations to enhance data

2. No-code editor to place elements within the page

3. Automatically hide experiences when targeting rules stop matching based on user actions

Visual of Bento's no code editor. Customizable properties like alignment and width are shown beside a customized empty state card within an app
Headshot of OpenAI GTM leader Maggie Hott smiling at the camera

"The expectations of getting to value quickly is higher now than ever. Without thoughtful activation, there's no chance of achieving that."

Maggie Hott
GTM leader, OpenAI
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