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Customizable home for help and guidance

Keep your guides, links, and help center all in one place, in-app

Centralized location so your users don’t have to hunt for help

  • Users can pick up where they left off, and review previously seen guides
  • Announcements can be re-accessed as a change log
  • Integrate support by linking to your help center and other resources like calendars

Deep integration with your support platform

  • Integrated article search allows the user to stay in-app
  • Consolidate your in-app widgets: enable ticket support and chat by integrating with your help desk
  • Control which customers have access to support
  • View all our integrations

Full control over the look and feel

  • A resource center that actually looks good – out of the box
  • Deep styling capabilities that maintain consistency with your other guide components

BentoAI - Auto-create guides from existing articles and recordings | Product Hunt