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Drive product adoption

Share the good news (with those who care)

Announcing new features is one thing. Figuring out who wants to know about it (and when) is another.

With Bento, you can target, prioritize and allow users to opt into the announcements they care about, when they care about it.

Image of a feature announcement modal built using Bento, where a user can save it for later and access it via the Bento sidebar.

Save for later

Let customers access feature announcements on their own terms

Visual tags

Add in “New” tags without engineering


Bento throttles announcements so users aren't overwhelmed.

Bento offers a suite of components so features can be announced and shared as modals, tooltips, banners, new guides and more.

Break through the noise by getting the timing right

  • Interrupt on big announcements with a full-screen modal.
  • Or, allow users to opt into with “New” badges.
  • Bento ensures your users don’t get too many modals in any given session through smart throttling.


Control what, when, and how

  • Every guide comes with detailed targeting so you can easily choose who sees what.
  • Any data you pass in (natively or via Segment) can be used for targeting...along with first party data we store for you (like answers to branching questions)
Image of Bento's targeting rules builder.
Headshot of Sr Product Manager Susan Tran smiling at the camera

“We used to deal with pop-ups all over the place but Bento is really thoughtful about making sure our users aren’t overwhelmed”

Susan Tran
Senior Product Manager, Catalyst
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