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Conveyor increases activation by 2x and identifies PQLs with Bento

Meera Kanani
5 min read

All companies aspire to be customer-centric, yet very few companies take the time to trace the full customer journey. Unsurprisingly, that can result in choppy experiences that impact both sales and a customer’s ability to self-serve. 

Conveyor is the world’s first end-to-end customer trust platform, providing information security teams with the fastest and easiest way to get customers the answers they need for their security review. Like many SaaS tools though, they offer more than one use-case, which can make onboarding journeys particularly tricky. For example, the steps a user might take if they want to outsource security questionnaires is different than if they want to build a self-serve trust portal. 

A few months ago, they came together as a team to understand the early customer journey with the intention of creating a more cohesive and effective path to value (and conversion).

“We saw users just bounce after signing up. They’d have a chat with sales or be on our marketing site, but wouldn’t do anything in product. We did a cross-functional exercise and realized that what we were showing them in the product wasn't aligned with what was on the marketing site,” said Sydney, Conveyor’s Head of Design.

Even though the product already had a clean and intuitive UI with native, homegrown onboarding, the customer journey was choppy. They added product tours using Appcues, but found that they were largely ignored. 

“[Our homegrown onboarding checklist] languished” said Sydney. “It was a static list so at some point it fell behind all of the improvements we made to the product and just sat there. We tried to help users with pop-up product tours but everyone immediately dismissed them and couldn't get them back.”

In the 2 months since replacing their onboarding experience with one powered by Bento Conveyor has seen users who interact with Bento guides have a 2x higher activation rate compared to users who don’t.

Results after one month of launching with Bento. Specific numbers redacted.

“We now see users who complete their onboarding in less than a day – and we know they’re actually doing it because most steps complete automatically based on data and events. This never happened before.”

These results didn’t happen overnight. In the past month, Sydney has updated and iterated on her guide 20-30 times based on customer feedback and responses. This includes:

  • Adding videos
  • Improving images for clarity
  • Tweaking language to better match user expectations
  • Adapting the flow and steps as the underlying product changes.

Even among our customer’s guides, we’ve been impressed by the quality of Conveyor’s guide. It’s deeply customer centric, beautifully designed, and leverages data for automation.

Check out this video that unpacks some of what makes their guide so well done.

Many product teams stop at building the in-product flows. But Conveyor went a step further – in pursuit of a high-quality, tightly integrated customer experience – and made sure their Sales and CS teams were in the loop. 

A key enabler is Bento’s Slack notifications. Prior to Bento, the Conveyor team captured data on user actions, but didn’t always know why a user did something. The onboarding experience they built leverages “branching” for users to opt into certain paths. Sales can follow along and see prospects take actions, and even log into Bento ahead of a sales call to see exactly what steps were already completed. 

Bento also acts as an extension of the marketing arm for new prospects that experience the platform through a vendor they’re evaluating. Before Bento, if the user signed up directly in-product without having seen the marketing site, they would often miss the full platform offering because they only experienced a small part of it. Now, they’re able to see - through the Bento paths - how they can use different parts of the platform to solve their unique security review challenges.

“It’s made the [demo] conversations easier because you’re already on the same page as them. Normally you have to give people a lot of context before you get on the sales call, and now we’re having conversations where the user tells us that they didn’t even know Conveyor was offering something before, and the onboarding experience revealed that.”

We’re huge believers that a hybrid approach is where most modern software buying converges. What makes Conveyor such a standout is the consistent commitment to quality for their customers, and we’re delighted to partner with them to bring this to life.

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