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Branching: Let your users define their own path

Meera Kanani
2 min read

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Great onboarding requires a tailored and personalized experience for each user. This sentiment is not lost on us at Bento. In speaking to our customers, we understand how important it is for each user’s needs to be incorporated into the onboarding process.

For example, initial admin users need more set-up guides (e.g., connecting data sources). Alternatively, late-stage product users would benefit from guides on tasks directly related to their role (e.g., sending invoices for financial analysts).  Essentially, users should be able to choose their own adventure when onboarding!

As we set out to achieve a tailored onboarding experience we aimed to avoid common pitfalls that are often passed off as “personalization”:
  • Reliance on simply naming the user in the workflow and calling it personalization
  • Asking users for their role or team size and not using that information to improve the product experience 
  • An overwhelming amount of pop-ups and modals that are unrelated to user needs 

Bento has captured the need for tailored onboarding with a core feature: Branching

So what does “Branching” look like with Bento and how does it re-imagine personalized onboarding?

Drop into different onboarding journeys: A user can pick the persona or use case they best fit with, and that selection will automatically update their entire onboarding journey.

Users can select one of the three options that best fits their role; the complete onboarding journey will adjust based on their selection

Tailor the specific steps of one journey: . A user can choose from one or multiple options to tailor their next steps, so everyone can have a shared section, and then a section that’s specific to their use case.

Customization is better for your users and your organization 

As your users complete their personalized onboarding, you can learn from there experience and adapt as needed.

If journeys aren’t optimal for certain users, iterate quickly 
  • Bento allows businesses to change user journeys iteratively and continuously as they better define personas and hear feedback from their users
Track users workflow to better understand user experience
  • Bento allows you to see what persona each user picks and how they interact with the product 
  • This information can help channel feedback requests, understand if all personas are meeting the expectations of customers, and adjust as needed

Personalization is core to successful everboarding, and branching is a user-friendly way to start experimenting, even when you’re not “perfectly sure”. 

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