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Data in
Data out
Use Salesforce data for guide targeting, and pass guide progress back to Salesforce

Why use this integration

  • Guide targeting: use data in your CRM to target accounts and users
  • Onboarding context for CSMs: see guide engagement and specific steps completed in Salesforce

How to set up

In Bento

  1. Have your Salesforce Admin log into Bento and OAuth with Salesforce from the integrations page
  2. Then, map Salesforce Accounts and Contacts to Bento Accounts and Account Users
  3. To receive data from Salesforce, simply select the Salesforce Account or Contact properties you'd like to sync to Bento
  4. You can run a one-time sync and check in the Details tab of any customer to see the attributes populate
  5. To send data to Salesforce, follow instructions to install the managed package and choose the guide(s) to sync to Salesforce

In Salesforce

  1. When installing the managed package, be sure to grant permissions to All Users
  2. After installing, add Bento objects to the Account layout via Related Lists
  3. You can kick off a manual sync from the Bento admin UI to verify data is passing in correctly
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