Account onboarding

Embed Bento directly into your app – don’t send customers to another URL

Notion checklists, Google docs, we all know it gets lost in the shuffle.

Instead, land users directly into your own app. You (and they) can collaborate, change steps, and keep track of progress.

Bento's inline guides natively adapt to different layouts, fonts, and styles


Know when users make progress via Email and Slack notifications.

Account-level metrics

See which tasks a customer has completed (and who did it).

Tailor guides per account

Customize steps and even complete them on behalf of customers.

Look up any customer in Bento and modify their guide content, or complete steps on a customers' behalf.

Reduce time to activation with fewer meetings

  • Accelerate progress before a kickoff call
  • Engage users and keep them focused
  • Flexible and tailored to customer context

Integrate easily into your workflow

  • Build templates that cover core playbooks, and allow Bento’s branching to take users down the right path.
  • Check on progress before a call, and tailor the content based on next steps.
Branching allows Bento's guides to dynamically update based on user choices.
Headshot of Fondo founder and CEO David Phillips smiling at the camera

"While there will always be a human component to onboarding at Fondo, Bento 5x'd the number of customers we could onboard each month."

David Phillips
Founder and CEO, Fondo
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*not a typo

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