Empty states

Use your empty states for more than cute illustrations

Instead of managing and coordinating pop-ups, embed native looking empty states to:

- Drive action for feature adoption

- Upsell advanced features

- Cross-sell new use cases

Empty state “preview” of what it looks like to customize an empty state within Bento

No code builder

Embed compontents without needing an engineer

Design flexibility to look native

We dare you to find the Bento component on the page.

Analytics out of the box

Instantly know who’s upgraded and who’s dismissed

Bento empty state banner shown within a dashboard app; the banner is fully customized to look native within the app

A hub for everboarding

Banners offer persistent everboarding without being disruptive

Carousels can be used to show off templates

Embedded cards nudge users towards adoption



1. No code editor to place elements in the page

2. Target users based data attributes

3. Configure empty states to “disappear” when the right action has been taken

Visual of Bento's no code editor. Customizable properties like alignment and width are shown beside a customized empty state card within an app
Headshot of Opslevel designer Ashley Choi smiling at the camera

“With in-app guides, users are more self-sufficient. They are able to complete their onboarding steps, and then approach us with challenges and questions."

Ashley Choi
Product designer, Opslevel
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