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Bento enables OpsLevel to jumpstart onboarding

Meera Kanani
2 min read

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OpsLevel has created a microservice catalog and service ownership platform to help engineers ship reliable software, faster. The catalog is a living inventory of an engineering organization’s services and toolchain. It creates a central knowledge base for developers and allows engineering leaders to track progress as their teams operate and improve their services.

To onboard their customers (ranging from engineering leaders to Site Reliability Engineers), OpsLevel relied extensively on hand-held experiences. But as a rapidly evolving and growing startup, OpsLevel needed an onboarding solution that would adapt with their product and help scale human interactions.   

OpsLevel considered various 3rd party tools and building their own onboarding experience. While other tools weren’t able to meet their needs due to lack of flexibility and ephemeral experiences, they were excited to partner with Bento as a thoughtful solution to their problem.

Automate onboarding: Save human interaction for the important stuff 

Before Bento, new user onboarding at OpsLevel included an hour-long walk-through to showcase the relevant use cases after which the user was able to explore themselves. 

After integrating Bento, users gained access to OpsLevel immediately and were able to start their onboarding journey prior to any interaction with the team. 

Ashley Choi, a Product Designer at OpsLevel and creator of their first Bento guides, highlighted the value of Bento nicely: 

“With in-app guides, users are more self-sufficient. They are able to complete their integration steps, and then approach us with questions and challenges…It helps us be more productive and thoughtful in meetings, focusing on solving their real problems.” 

Onboarding templates: No need to reinvent the wheel

To ensure they had the experience they wanted in-app, OpsLevel strongly considered building their onboarding flow internally. Once they realized it would cost them tens of thousands of dollars annually in engineering cost, maintenance and iterations, they decided a 3rd party solution was a better option. 

Finding a product that had the features and functionality they desired was top priority.

OpsLevel highlighted 3 of their favorite features that helped Bento stand out amongst other tools: ‍

Create flexible, non-linear guides that can be re-accessed
  • Bento uses guides that can include optional steps, as well as let users to choose their own onboarding experience with branching
  • Bento allows users to save guides and announcements for later, so they can be accessed at the most helpful time‍
Product onboarding experiences can be tailored by use case 
  • Guides can be launched to specific users or types of users based on user identifiers passed into Bento
  • Once the guides are launched to customers, they can be adjusted in real time for each customers individually to reflect their own OpsLevel experience 
Onboarding feels embedded and native in app, with little engineering support required
  • Once engineers install Bento (< 30min process) they are no longer blockers to onboarding design
  • Any team member (CS, design, product) can edit and iterate the Bento onboarding flow quickly and easily

Bento onboarding guide embedded into OpsLevel, appearing native to their app

Bento makes onboarding templates so customers don’t have to

Ashley recalls her experience engaging with Bento on new features: 

“When we first integrated Bento we relayed feedback outlining some functionality we were looking for and Bento came back with their own solution that addressed it way better than we expected. They were so innovative in addressing our request and it added a lot of polish to the onboarding process” 

Rather than spending countless hours internally trying to identify the best way to implement onboarding functionality, the Bento product and team does that scalably. As a team, Bento is always looking for feedback from customers to spot patterns and best practices.


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